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 Player: Sinister
 Points: 50,339
 Glow Reward: Legendary
 Player: Kenny
 Points: 29,274
 Glow Reward: Epic
 Player: BiDit-Bot ツ
 Points: 10,972
 Glow Reward: Rare
Top 3 Reward: Fight for the Top 3 Position. You get unique Glow Rewards on our Server!

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
1Sinister50,339de3.18 Hours13.67 Hours ago
2Kenny29,274it18.97 Hours2.61 Days ago
3BiDit-Bot ツ10,972lv7.50 Hours7.22 Months ago
4Khlopchyk8,781ru3.60 Hours7.44 Months ago
5huddog8,190it5.78 Hours7.09 Months ago
6wildfire44948,154de5.73 Hours7.41 Months ago
7Linndos8,074de4.42 Hours1.99 Months ago
8T-X (CZ)7,669cz4.52 Hours7.20 Months ago
9Mayen7,181by4.13 Hours7.12 Months ago
10Zxoro°°7,109fr3.78 Hours7.17 Months ago
11Cem6,974de4.13 Hours7.44 Months ago
12Korpi6,592de3.83 Hours2.38 Months ago
13[ES] Walter6,467es3.28 Hours6.74 Months ago
14rapso6,235de3.45 Hours7.21 Months ago
15Joker6,048nl3.57 Hours2.61 Months ago
16Die6,001ee3.95 Hours7.41 Months ago
17wowtop5,981de4.17 Hours2.62 Months ago
18Dpm5,899ch3.90 Hours6.96 Months ago
19xXDarkChildXx5,752de4.32 Hours6.89 Months ago
20Krösus5,566se4.12 Hours7.44 Months ago
21HUNTERGOESRAWRAWRAWR5,504fr2.20 Hours2.61 Months ago
22Bill5,472ee5.27 Hours7.44 Months ago
23CBAKOTAKO[walking joy emoji man5,369bg3.15 Hours7.21 Months ago
24Final H ҉ rizon5,313nl3.32 Hours6.53 Months ago
25Сavy5,268ru3.13 Hours2.85 Months ago

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